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Whitefish Pt Road

Erosion repairs to Whitefish Point Road along Lake Superior in Whitefish Township

Vermillion Road

Widening and improving the gravel surface on Vermillion Road in Whitefish Township.

17 Mile Rd Bridge

Replaced the bridge deck on the bridge of E. 17 Mile Road in Bruce Township

Hanna Road

Improvements to Hanna Road in Pickford Township during the 2014 summer season.

Shoulder repair to M-123

Rehabilitating the shoulders along M-123.

2nd Street

Road and drainage improvement project on 2nd Street in Hulbert Township.

Main Street Drainage Repair

Improving and rehabilitating the drainage structures on Main Street in Rudyard Township.

Drainage repairs

Repair and upgrade drainage along Main Street in Rudyard Township.

Culvert Replacement

Installing new culvert.

Plow Safety Day 2015

Gathering of students from the Brimley school to learn about being safe around the snow plows.

Plow Safety Day 2

Brimley school children in front of Monroe one-way plow.

Plowing the Road

Peterbilt single axle truck at work.

Peterbilt pushing a V-Plow

Peterbilt 397 using a Monroe V-Plow to open up a seasonal road in Superior Township.

Winging the banks

Using a Galion grader with a side wing to cut the tops of the snow banks to improve visibility.

Sno-go at work

Re-establishing the original road width.

Blowing the banks back

Using yesterday's technology to set the snow banks back to their original locations.

Soo Co-op Preschool

Road Commission manager Robert Laitinen, snow plow driver Eric Brow and plow truck #674 visit the Soo Coop Preschool's 3 year old class on January 21, 2016 for Snow Plow Safety Day.

Soo Coop Preschool

Road Commission manager Robert Laitinen, truck driver Eric Brow and snowplow truck #674 visit the 4 year-old class at the Soo Coop Preschool for Snow Plow Safety Day on January 21, 2016.

Truck 597 in the July 4th parade

Truck 597 stationed on Drummond Island being driven by Bob Ault in the 2015 4th of July parade.

Chippewa CRC Truck 691

Our new 2015 Peterbilt tandem which will be used on I-75 primarily in the left-hand passing lane. It is set up with a 9' wing and a RDS live bottom box.

Snow Plow Driver Appreciation

Rep. Lee Chatfield was on hand to present to the employees of the Chippewa County Road Commission a resolution passed by the House of Representatives to officially declare March 20, 2015 as Snowplow Driver Appreciation Day in the State of Michigan. Shown are Eric Brow, Rep. Chatfield, Randy Matheson, Scott Marchetti, and Eric Baldino.

Special Tribute

Special tribute by the Michigan House of Representatives declaring March 20, 2015 as Snowplow Driver Appreciation Day.


This was taken on 14 Mile Road East of Riverside Drive on New Year's Eve 2019.

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